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 Code of Conduct

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[S-A] Code of Member Conduct:

The Silent Alliance Clan Code of Conduct (S-A CoC) is the set of standards by which all members of the clan live up to and are measured by. Members of the Silent Alliance are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times, especially when communicating with other members via in game, Xfire, Skype, The [S-A] Forum, E-Mail, etc. Members are to respect and treat each other with dignity in every situation.

Article I
• Members of the Silent Alliance shall treat one another as they would a member of their own family... with respect, honor and hospitality.

• This is an international community gaming clan and we accept members from all over the world who are fully fluent in the english language. The official language of this organization is English. Members must be fluent in reading and writing the English language.

• When in a Lobby, Chat Room or Conversation with another member or members, adhere to your position within the [S-A] as much as possible. Real Life events and discussions should be held in private and distinguished from Fleet/Clan related conversations and Fleet Operations.

• CoC rules apply even when in a public chat or forum, whether it belongs to the [S-A] or not. While the atmosphere appears leisurely in a chat room, conversation or forum, no member is to provoke or encourage an argument, insults, the discussion of offensive matters, or annoyances in any way to demean the name of Silent Alliance Clan (this includes Racist or Sexist Remarks, posts, pictures, etc).

• If a member of the [S-A] or any other clan attacks, or in some way attacks you in a Chat, forum, conversation or even game you immediately report the matter to your Division Commander. Division Commanders will report such incidents to the Officers/Generals. Never attempt to take the matter into your own hands.

• Do not be annoying or aggressive to your fellow members, this includes starting arguments, confrontations and generally putting someone else down.

• Foul language, cursing or obscene topics are not permitted within an official clan meeting or discussion, this includes forum posts also. Keep profanity to a minimum and Maximize your Professionalism.

• No Clan member is to make fun of, put down or attack a non-clan member. This includes constant attacks on one person (griefing) or clan that can lead to the disruption of alliances that are or can become possible.

Article II
• No member shall exceed his or her mandate which may interfere with the functionality of the Silent Alliance Clan as a whole, will not seek out information known to not be of a matter concerning their rank class or job duty. Members shall not discuss matters of the Silent Alliance Clan with foreign clans, enemies or those not serving within the Fleet itself (this includes all internal matters pertaining to the clan, i.e. promotions, strategies/tactics, etc.)

• Any [S-A] Members found to have violated the CoC will be given ONE warning by their Division Commander. A second offense/violation or gross violation could result in a dismissal from the Silent Alliance Fleet and Clan.

• Members may hold multiple officer ranks in game(s) but may NOT hold more than one main rank in the clan.

• Every Silent Alliance Fleet and Clan Officer, no matter what rank, should strive to conduct themselves in a true [S-A] Clan manner and live up to the Silent Alliance's unofficial motto: "Brotherhood, Honor, Teamwork and Duty".

Article III
• Minimum age to qualify for membership is 18. We prefer members to be 18+, but it really just comes down to how you conduct yourself. Bottom line is that we require our members to have a mature attitude and personality and that they get along friendly with each other. (Special Considerations can be made for recruits 17+…see the Recruitment Guidelines for more information)

• Members and recruits are required to only have one username to avoid imposter/fake members alerts.

• Members and recruits are required to wear proper clan tags on all times, especially in the Teamspeak. It is our banner and should be worn with pride.

• The Silent Alliance has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cheating, hacking and exploits of any type. Any member of this organization caught using hacks or cheating will be dropped from our Alliance and permanently banned from all [S-A] systems and services. This rule covers players who use code to manipulate a particular game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other teams and players. Wallhacks, speedhacks and aimbots are just examples of the types of cheats covered by this rule. "Testing" or "Trying out" Hack Programs will NOT be accepted excuses. Simply put "Do Not Install Hacks for any reason".

Article IV
Section I (Server Admins)
• Server admin is only granted to leaders and selected members by the Council of Generals.

• Only kick a person from a server if they break a rule or make room for member. (a “Server Maximum Load Reached” issue)

• When making room for a member, ask if someone will leave to make room first. (a “Server Maximum Load Reached” issue)

• Banning is only for cheating/hacking, racism and the disruption of Fleet Operations in an Operational Channel.
By following and abiding by the Code of Conduct, members can enjoy the rich experience that [S-A] provides, without worry of harassment, belittlement, or prejudice. The Code of Conduct not only protects our membership from unscrupulous and unsavory characters, but it also protects the entire clan, providing an ordered and stable set of protocols. The CoC applies to each and every member of the Silent Alliance from the Generals all the way down the Chain of Command to new recruits.
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Code of Conduct
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