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 Charter of the Silent Alliance

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Charter of the Silent Alliance

Preamble: I, the original founder, hereby create that of the organization/clan/fleet/guild known as the Silent Alliance. The Silent Alliance is an independent entity that is not associated to any other clan/fleet/guild.

Purpose: The Silent Alliance is an entity formed for the purpose of bringing together individuals who enjoy, play multiple game titles on and through the internet. The Silent Alliance, while maintains an military organization for the means of organization, we don’t enforce that which conflicts with our number one rule, that is Real Life comes first and Gaming comes second. While also respecting all which includes all members (women, gender, sexual, culture, religion) regardless of how far the chain they are, we must at all time maintain the unity among all members.

Article 1: The Silent Alliance is let by a “Counsel of Generals”. They are the leadership and driving force behind the Silent Alliance. These Generals work together to make decisions that will benefit the clan and move the clan forward in growing into several games.

1.a: General: The General is the highest rank of the Silent Alliance. Only one person may hold this rank at one time. The Founder of the Silent Alliance is automatically given the title of General. The General is the final decision should any policy/issues be brought before him, however, every attempt should be made with the rest of the Counsel before make changes that could affect the Clan in any ways. The General may not be removed from the position unless he or she decides to step down, he or she leaves the clan, or the remaining members of the General Counsel and Officers with ranks at or above Major convene a meeting and pass with a unanimous vote the decision to remove the General

1.b: Lt. General: The Lt. General is the second in command of the Silent Alliance. The Lt. General is charged with leading the Counsel of Generals and keeping the lines of communications active between the General, Counsel of Generals, and the rest of the clan.

1.c: Major General: The Major General is third in command of the Silent Alliance. The Maj. General is charged with communicating and aiding departments of the clan and also with creating and maintaining organization within each departments. He is also the main point of contact for clan diplomats should Silent Alliance diplomats not be online or availiable.

1.d: Brigadier General: The Brigadier General is the fourth in command of the Silent Alliance. The Brigadier General is charged with maintaining the overall personal of the clan. They will create and maintain a record system for the clan to track members time in the clan and all things related to promotions, disciplinary actions, and any other items that need tracked.

Article 2: The Counsel of Generals relay on a group of Officers to be the communication between the membership of the Silent Alliance and the Counsel of Generals. The Officers are charged with mainting organization in the clan and aide the department and division leaders when needed and are able to. They are also charged with the training of those who are JR Officers who desire to help the clan grow and prosper in every aspect that that we aim for as a clan. Further definition of the duties of the Officers group will be defined by the Counsel of Generals.

Article 3: The JR Officers are those that have maintained a leadership position in either a Division or Department and desire to take the next step into clan leadership while maintaining current roles in a Department or Division. Further definition of the JR Officer group will be defined by the Counsel of Generals.

The Counsel of Generals reserve the right to edit the Charter at any time.
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Charter of the Silent Alliance
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