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 Recruitment Policy

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This document is to be adhered to and followed. Any deviation from the policy laid out below will endanger the Silent Alliance, develop bad standards for recruits and can / will fracture the clan. We must endeavor to recruit quality members of substance. The Silent Alliance is an organization of Honorable Men and Women.

WE are NOT:
An extension of High School.
A Babysitting Service.
A Trash Talking Group.
A group of Idiots and Clowns.
Initial Requirements for Eligibility
18 years and older only. Exceptions can be made only in special cases by the Counsel of Generals or Officers (15+ can be recruited, but must endure a 90 day Probation Period to determine Clan Service Worthiness)
Must be mature (determined during probationary period)
Must be active on Teamspeak and at least registered on the forums. (We are Teamwork Oriented. TS3 is MANDATORY. No Exceptions, no matter how well the person plays or chats.)

Initial contact with a potential recruit is extremely important. This is the time when we have the opportunity to answer any questions as well as determine if the recruit meets all requirements to join the fleet. General Initial guideline steps are as follows:
Confirm the age of the recruit.
Determine if the recruit has access to Teamspeak. If not, direct them to the link.
If the recruit has Teamspeak, GET THEM ON!
If the recruit does not have Teamspeak, walk them through download, install, and fleet connection info.

RECRUITMENT Process Finalization
Have the recruit register on the forums and submit an application
Applications will be processed with a yea or nea within 48 hours
After the application has been processed, the recruit will be given the appropriate rank in accordance with the promotion policy.
Post Recruitment Guidance
The Division Commander is responsible for polishing, molding, training and educating the recruit on all [SA] Clan Guidelines and Divisional Teamwork Requirements. No Exceptions. Recruitment Success must be weighed on the Division Commander’s Actions and the Recruit’s Actions, equally. If a recruit washes out due to the actions of that recruit, the Division Commander must endeavor that Positive Actions and Interactions must be made and handled in such a manner as to learn from the situation and ensure it is handled better in the future.

Probation Period and Fleet Service Worthiness
The Probation Period is in place to determine if a Potential Recruit is viable for Full Fleet Service. Certain Key Indicators can be used to determine Clan Service Worthiness:
Does the recruit communicate well?
Does the recruit follow directions when given?
Dose the recruit constantly disrupt the Operational TS Channels? (i.e., Joke Around, Tell Stories in the wrong channel, volunteer irrelevant information, etc.)
Does the recruit demonstrate eagerness to excel in[SA]?
Does the recruit request a Duty Assignment on his/her own?
Does the recruit have a calm demeanor, or an easily agitated / cocky attitude?
Does the recruit express Sexist or Discriminatory views toward any class or race of people?
Does the recruit Rage Quit, or is the recruit determined to succeed, no matter the odds, equipment or team?
Does the recruit take feedback well?
Does the recruit respond graciously when congratulated on a good action?
Does the recruit volunteer tactics, loadouts and training tools in order to assist the division he/she is applying for?
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Recruitment Policy
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